Traditional Health Workers

Get Connected to Local Resources

Traditional health workers (THW) promote healthy behaviors and can link you with local help. All THWs provide resources, education and work with you on what you need. They are able to come to your home. You do not need prior approval or a referral to see a THW. You can decide to see a THW on your own. All THWs have completed a training program. They are certified by OHA.

How Can These Services Help Me?

Traditional health workers can help with making appointments, finding a ride to appointments, access to food, finding childcare and getting screening tests. They are often able to come to your home to help you.

What Types of Traditional Health Workers Are There?

  • Birth doulas provide support to you and your family through pregnancy, childbirth and after giving birth.
  • Community health workers help you adopt healthy habits and guide you through the health
    care system.
  • Personal health navigators provide information, assistance, tools and support to help you make the best health care choices.
  • Peer support specialists focus on giving you support through recovery from addiction and mental health conditions.
  • Peer wellness specialists are people who have lived with a mental health condition. They have training to assist and advocate for you. 

A few things that THWs can help you with are:

  • Scheduling a visit.
  • Finding a ride to your visit.
  • Getting access to food.
  • Finding childcare.
  • Getting screening tests.

How Do I Learn More & Get Connected to a Traditional Health Worker?

Please contact our Traditional Health Worker Liaison to learn more about traditional health workers and how any of these types of providers can help you. Locally, call 541-768-4550, toll free 800-832-4580, or for TTY user 800-735-2900.

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