Services for Foster (Resource) Parents

Why a Physical Assessment?

Every child who enters foster care in Oregon needs to have a mental, physical and dental health assessment. Children entering foster care may or may not have had regular visits with their doctor and received childhood immunizations. Some children may have chronic medical problems that have not been identified or have gone unchecked.

Getting a physical exam within the first 30 days of the child entering foster care can help spot problems, start or complete immunizations the child may have missed, and answer any health questions the foster parent may have.

Why a Mental Assessment?

Studies show that children who have been removed from their homes and placed in foster care, even very young children, have higher than average rates of mental and behavioral health issues.

Getting a prompt mental health exam within 60 days of placement into foster care can help to identify signs of potential problems and give you tools to help your foster child understand and work through their feelings.

Why a Dental Assessment?

Often, children don’t see a dentist until there’s a problem. This can cause many problems including: pain, difficulty with chewing, and speech.

A prompt dental exam within 30 days of placement into foster care is important for spotting a problem early and/or preventing them from happening.

When Should My Foster (Substitute) Child Be Assessed?

Assessment TypeDue DateChild’s Age
Physical AssessmentDue Date Within 30 daysChild’s Age All children regardless of age.
Mental AssessmentDue Date Within 60 daysChild’s Age All children age 3 and up. Children age 0-2 by doctor recommendation.
Dental AssessmentDue Date Within 30 daysChild’s Age All children age 1 and up.

Encompass: Together for Health & Wellness, Care Coordination for Children

The Encompass program provides care coordination services for children in foster care in the Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties. Encompass cares for children in ODHS custody who have IHN-CCO coverage. The program assists with children in ODHS custody who are placed in certified foster homes, placed with relatives and those remaining with their biological parents. The program can also assist those who have legal guardianship of a child or children. Review the Encompass flyer for more information.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Want to Help Improve Health Care In Your Community?

Join our Community Advisory Council! The Council is seeking IHN-CCO members like yourself (or parents of members) who are interested in impacting the health care of our members. Learn about the work of the Council and explore your options for getting involved.

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