Services for Members With Diabetes

Access Free Diabetes Benefits

Caring for your diabetes can be complicated. To make things easier, we have listed all of your free diabetes benefits below. This will help you understand where to go for each benefit. If you need help along the way, please contact us.

From Your DoctorYour Primary Care Provider can help you with the following:

• HbA1C blood test (to check blood sugar control).
• Blood cholesterol test.
• Urine test (to test for proteins in your urine)
• Quitting tobacco counseling.
• Diabetes education.
• Medical nutrition therapy.
• Vaccines/shots (flu, pneumonia, hep B).

Looking for a Primary Care Provider? Find care or contact us for help.
From Your DentistCall your dental care organization for a free preventative dental exam.
Looking for a Dentist? Here is a list of our Dental Care Organizations or contact us for help.
From Your Eye DoctorCall your provider listed in your IHN-CCO Provider Directory to schedule a dilated eye exam.
Medical SuppliesCall any durable medical supplier listed in your IHN-CCO Provider Directory:

• Diabetic shoes.
• Blood glucose monitoring (meter, test strips, lancets).
• Insulin pump and supplies (prior authorization may be required).
From Your PharmacyThe following medications are available at any pharmacy:

• Diabetes medications.
• Blood pressure medications.
• Injectable insulin, syringes, alcohol pads and needles.
• Quitting tobacco medications.

Please review your prescription drugs for more information.

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